chaos coordinator

How it works: 

I make digital paper crafting products.
I list them here on my site.
You join and pay only $1 per month which is billed at $12 for the year

to help support the cost of the project.
You get access to all the products I list here for FREE. 

Your 1 dollar a month contribution helps keep my site up. 

The products are FREE to use for personal use

to those who join and support this project. 

I invite you to join now.
This project is definitely fueled by Faith and a little caffeine.
Please reach out if you have any questions.
Thank you! 



Hello lovely!  My name is Kristi (chaos coordinator)

and I am so glad you are here. 

Welcome to my creative corner of the world. 

Although this shop and membership may seem too good

to be true, it's as real as it gets.

This is legit! I'm legit!  No gimmicks.  Just fun!!  

OK, the price is insanely low. Why??
- Because everyone should be able to afford to be creative.

- Because I want PACC to be a resource for your creativity,

for the days when you feel down or broke or just want to shop. 

- Because I love to make digital products and your minimal fee

helps keep my website up.

- Because maybe enough people will join

so I can afford to buy my much needed latte a day. lol