Q: How much is it to join?

A: $12 for a whole year

Q: What's the catch?  Are you going to charge me more later or ask me to buy other stuff I don't want?

A: HAHA, good question. I am not a fan of those tactics either.

- NOPE, nothing more to buy as I have nothing else to sell you.  I enjoy making digital products and I am THRILLED to share them with you! I do have to pay for a site and I buy a lot of resources that help me designs new things. (shhh, don't tell the husband) lol

AND, I am excited to say that I have the EXCLUSIVE right to offer the D.A.I.S.I.E. Company club Printables. This is the kind of stuff I pay for which supports other artist and allows me to provide an INCREDIBLE service for you!

Q: OK, I'm in. Can I cancel at any time? 

A: Yes, you can cancel at any time. Your subscription is good for a year So if you cancel, it would be for any future payments. Due to the nature of the products being digital downloads, I do not offer refunds. 

So yes, you can cancel, you will just not be refunded. Hope you can understand and appreciate that :) 

Q: So, I am not interested in joining but I think you are pretty awesome for doing this, how I can support you and the project to keep this going for other crafty people? 

A: Oh WOW! That is so sweet of you! (and actually a real message I have received, thank you very much lol) I have a "buy me a coffee" link on my about me page. Or you can access it here.  And please don't feel limited to just a coffee.  I accept cars too! ;) 

Q: What printer do you use? Isn't printing expensive?

A: I have an HP Office Jet Pro 9025.  It allows me to print thick pages and produces AMAZING COLOR PRINTS.


My FULL color pages print for less than 5 cents a page!! I use HP Instant Ink. I pay monthly and get ALL the ink I need in advance shipped right to my house! If I have a lot of stuff to print at one time, I contact them and they send me even more ink at no extra charge. I LOVE HP Instant INK! And yes, 

Q: What paper do you use? 

A: Good question! I used to think it didn't matter until one day I bought some bright white stuff. GAME CHANGER!!!

So, for thin packaging like cocoa packets, treat bags and eSnvelopes I started using this 20 lb 96 BRIGHT paper. It was on sale at Staples for $5 and I LOVE IT!! 

For thick bags, cards, boxes and things that need to be a little more durable I use any white craft cardstock I can find on sale in a pack at the craft store. I just don't want to spend $17 a ream at the office supply store. Now by doing this I do not get bright prints when I use this cardstock.  Instead, I print on the thin bright stuff and glue to to white card. It looks bright and is durable! 

***if you have suggestions on cardstock please let me know! I would love to hear what works for you so I can share it here. :) 

Q: What about sticker paper? Do you have a favorite? 

A: Oh, sticker paper!! Thanks to my lovely bud Chrissy, I use Spectacle Sticker Paper from SheetLabels.com

Q: I have more questions, how do I reach you? 

A: I love questions and I am usually pretty good with answers :) There is a little conversation bubble down in your right hand corner. You can use that to send me a message and I do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. :)